Ukrainian prosecutors asks for 15-year sentence for Yanukovych

The Military Prosecutor's Office of the Central Region of Ukraine asked the court to sentence the country’s ex-President Viktor Yanukovych to fifteen years imprisonment on charges of state treason, Channel 112 Ukraine reports.

“I ask the respected court to find Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych guilty on all the charges proceedings and to sentence him to 15 years imprisonment,” stated prosecutor Maksym Krym during the court debate.

The defense was outraged with the speeches of prosecutors' statements. They called for the suspension of the debate and asked for involvement of government lawyer Yuriy Riabovil in the case.

An altercation broke out between Yanukovych’s defense representatives and the police before the court session began.  

Ukrainian court began hearings on Yanukovych's case last year. He is accused of High Treason under Article 111  and violations of Article 27, Article 110 (willful actions committed to change the territorial boundaries or national borders of Ukraine), and Article 437 (planning, preparation, aiding or waging of an aggressive war) of the Ukraine Criminal Code.


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