Ukrainian President’s representative claims Russia may have started development of chemical weapons in Crimea

Speaking about the environmental situation in the north of the Crimea, where an unknown substance was discharged on August 27, the representative of the Ukraine's President in the Crimea, Boris Babin, said that Russia could be producing components of chemical weapons in the territory of the annexed peninsula, Ukrinform news agency reports.

Babin said that environmental problems caused by the illegal activities of companies in the north part of the annexed Crimea, affect not only the residents of Armyansk but also the Kherson region settlements adjacent to the peninsula. “We will insist on launching an appropriate environmental monitoring to have a clear assessment of an ecological disaster on the Russian government-controlled territory as a result of illegal activities of companies in northern Crimea," said Babin.

According to Babin, the Titan plant in Armyansk, as well as the sodium oxide and bromine plants in Krasnoperekopsk, produce emissions that caused the ecological disaster in the north part of the Crimea and in the Kherson region.

He added that the Titan chemical plant produces paints and cosmetics, but titanium is also used on the hulls of submarines and missiles, while the products of the sodium oxide plant is used in the glass industry. The products made by the bromine plant were used for manufacturing chemical weapons during Soviet times.

"Considering all the famous scandalous cases of Russia using chemical weapons in Britain, I do not rule out the possibility that Russians may have restored the production of components for chemical weapons at the enterprises in Crimea," said Babin. 


  Crimea, Russia, Ukraine