Ukrainian military advance 2 km into the Donbas

The Ukrainian military advanced more than 2 km into separatist territory and secured new positions, radically changing the situation at one stretch of the front line, volunteer Yuriy Mysyagin wrote on Facebook.

"Within the territory of the Joint Forces Operation, one of the infantry battalions of one of the brigades of the Armed Forces was simply forced to improve and secure its front line positions due to the systematic shelling by the separatists. By moving their footholds, the battalion advanced forward by more than 2 km and fortified itself on new positions, having obtained a tactical advantage on that stretch of the front line," he wrote.

According to the volunteer, "now, everything has changed radically there and the threat to life now applies to the separatists instead."

"And there are no violations, all this is within the framework of the Minsk agreements," Mysyagin added.

  Donbas, Joint Forces Operation, Armed Forces of Ukraine