Tillerson: Russia must create conditions for a peaceful solution of the future of Syria

The US has appealed to Russia with a call to end its support of violence in Syria, said State Rex Tillerson during an interview with Al Hurra TV.

"What we’re encouraging Russia and others is to de-escalate the violence – once ISIS is defeated, do not promote the violence. And we’ve asked Russia to persuade the regime [of Bashar Al-Assad] to stop the march and the campaign against opposition forces," Tillerson said.

According to Tillerson, having agreed to the creation of ceasefire areas in Syria, Russia must "enforce those [areas] in order to create the conditions for a peaceful solution for… [the] future" of the country's population.

It was reported earlier that, according to US intelligence, the Syrian opposition is no longer in a position to overthrow President Bashar Al-Assad, and the Syrian conflict as a whole has "resolutely broken in favor of the regime," which has allowed Russia and Iran to "gain a foothold in the country."

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