Turchynov: murder of Okuyeva was ordered by Russia

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov said that the murder of Amina Okuyeva, a volunteer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, was an ordered professional hit executed by a Russian killer, UNIAN reports.

On October 30, Amina Okuyeva was killed at a railway crossing near the town of Hlevakha not far from Kyiv. Her car was shot at by unknown assailants. Okuyeva died as a result of a shot in the head. Her husband Adam Osmayev was with her at the time, and he was wounded in the leg.

"It's clear that those were killers who were carrying out an order. This order was clearly seen when the first attempt to kill this family has failed. The second attempt was made, and as for the details, I think the investigators can tell but it has been clearly determined where the killer came from," Turchynov noted.

He also stressed that "the use of hired assassins is a system of terror that Russia is trying to spread inside the country."

  Turchynov, Amina Okuyeva, Russia, Ukraine