Turchynov: Russia remains in Donbas to put pressure on Europe

Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin are not going to leave the "occupied territory" because he regards the war in the Donbas as a lever of pressure on Europe.

Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov stated this at a meeting with the head of the World Congress of Ukrainians, Eugene Czolij, the press service of the National Security and Defense Council reported.

"Putin is not going to get out of the occupied territory, and for him, the war in the Donbas is a lever of pressure on Europe and Ukraine," Turchynov said.

The report says that the interlocutors discussed the current situation in the Donbass. In addition, they discussed the solution to the problems of blocking Ukraine's military-technical cooperation with partner countries, as well as the release of "political prisoners" whom they believe are "illegally detained" in Russia.

Earlier Turchynov claimed that through the Zapad-2017 military exercise, Russia has been able to demonstrate its ability to carry out a large-scale war in Europe.

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