Turkey begins offensive in Syria

Turkey has launched an offensive in Syria, striking militant positions near the M4 motorway near the village of Nayrab in Idlib province, reported the Russian newspaper Izvestia, citing sources familiar with the situation.

Several airstrikes were carried out on Hayat Tahrir al-Sham strongholds. According to the newspaper, the intensity of fighting in Idlib increased dramatically after the Turkish military, as part of the March agreement with Russia, tried to unblock the M4 motorway, partially blocked by local residents with the support of militants.

The publication notes that the Russian and Turkish military once a week repeat the attempts of joint patrol of the M4, but the convoy passes only a small section to Nayrab which is a few kilometers long and, without entering into confrontation with the protesters, goes back. Although it is expected to patrol the entire  70-kilometer section.

Earlier, the media reported that a Turkish convoy was attacked in Idlib. Unidentified assailants ambushed a Turkish convoy in the town of Muhambal. According to media reports, there were casualties among Turkish military.

The extremists' attack was given a "lightning fast and fierce response," the Turkish Defense Ministry said.

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