Turkey deploys TRG-300 Tiger systems on Syrian border: All Idlib within range

The Turkish press keeps publishing articles about the weapons that Ankara is sending to Syria or the Syrian border, weapons which will enable it to effectively support the Syrian opposition forces.

Turkish journalists reported recently that the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces have decided to deploy a Roketsan TRG-300 Tiger multipurpose missile system. The system can destroy targets up to 120 km away, which means that from the Turkish-Syrian border, the entire Idlib province, including its southern boundaries, falls within its range.

TRG-300 Tiger missiles can destroy heavily armored vehicles and well protected and reinforced facilities.

One TRG-300 Tiger solid-fuel missile weighs in at 585 kg, including a 105 kg warhead. However, it cannot be described as a precision weapon, because it can deviate up to 50 m from target.

In the last week, opposition forces began an offensive against the regions controlled by Syrian government forces, focusing on the village of Nayrab. With active support from the Turkish military, the opposition forces breached the Assad regime’s defenses there. The regime forces were rescued by air support from Russian bombers, which bombarded the opposition forces up until the Turkish observation point. A Russian pilot reportedly managed to evade a missile from a man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS), and returned safely to Russia’s Khmeimim airbase.

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