Turkey to buy second batch of S-400 air defense systems from Russia

Turkey has concluded an agreement with Russia for the delivery of the second batch of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, said the Undersecretary for Turkish Defense Industries İsmail Demir in an interview with the Turkish TV channel NTV.

According to him, Ankara and Moscow have reached an "agreement in principle" on the supply of the second batch of missile defense systems.

Demir noted that the agreement will soon be implemented, and "technical work remains to be carried out on the transfer of technologies and parts of the joint production."

The first batch of Russian S-400s was delivered to Turkey last July. At that time, Ankara paid $2.5 billion for the missile defense system.

In early May, Demir said that Turkey had already commissioned some elements of anti-aircraft systems purchased from Russia. He also said that Russian specialists do not have free access to the S-400, despite the fact that the supply agreement provides, among other things, for maintenance and support.

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