Turkmenistan ready to transport energy resources through Caspian region to international markets

Turkmenistan is ready to activate the internal “East-West” gas pipeline to transport its energy resources to the international markets through the Caspian region, Turkmenistanyn Dowlet Habarlar reports.

With the activation of the East-West pipeline in December 2015, major prospects opened up for the further expansion of multilateral mutually beneficial partnerships in the energy sector, the commentary states.

“If needed, it can be used to transport Turkmen energy resources to international markets through the Caspian region,” the post states.

At this stage, as mentioned in the material, construction of various kinds of infrastructure along the East-West gas pipeline route will continue, uniting all the country’s gas pipelines for 733 kilometers into one system.

Thanks to this, it has become possible to carry out reverse shipments of natural gas from the Mary province, where there are major gas deposits such as Dowletabad, Malay, Yashlar, Galkynysh, to other regions of the country, where dozens of new industrial factories and social facilities are being established.

Talks on the possibility of shipping Turkmen gas to Europe have been underway since 2011. The Southern Gas Corridor, which includes the Trans-Caspian project, is still a priority for the EU.

The project to lay 300 kilometers of gas pipeline along the bottom of the Caspian to the coast of Azerbaijan, as interested parties commented earlier, would be optimal for transporting Turkmen resources to European markets. Further on, Turkmen fuel could reach Turkey, which borders on European countries.

Turkmenistan has the fourth largest natural gas reserves in the world, and currently exports it to China and Iran. In 2016, Russia completely stopped buying Turkmen gas.

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