Tusk: there is no safe Poland when it is in conflict with Ukraine

During the program "Fakty po Faktach" on Polish TV channel TVN24, European Council President Donald Tusk has said that there is no security for Poland if it is in conflict with Ukraine, reports Wiadomosci.dziennik.pl.

According to Tusk, there is no European Poland without independent courts, completely free media, respect for the law and liberal democracy.

"There is no security for Poland if it is in conflict with Ukraine," he added.

In his opinion, Poland should not be a "self-proclaimed leader of Intermarium"; it should return to the role of " guardian and state that supports the aspirations of countries of the so-called new Europe."
Recently, the Office of the Polish President stated that if some countries in Europe were required to choose between Ukraine and Russia, they may be inclined in favor of Moscow; in such a situation, Poland may, as before, not support Kyiv.

Poland has officially launched a "black list" of Ukrainians over contradictions on historical issues.

  Donald Tusk, Poland, Ukraine