U.S. carries out missile strikes on Syria without informing Russia

The U.S. has launched a missile strike on the infrastructure of the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda near the city of Idlib.

According to the U.S. Central Command, the targets of the operation targeted al-Qaida in Syria leaders responsible for attacks threatening U.S. citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians.

According to the Pentagon, the operation will further degrade their ability to conduct future attacks and destabilize the region.

According to human rights organizations, dozens of people were killed in the attack.

The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria accused Washington of violating agreements with Moscow and Ankara. According to the Russian side, it was not notified of the US plans to launch an air strike in the area between the settlements of Ma'arrat Misrin and Kafer Ha'aya in Idlib province.

Russia said starting at 6 a.m. on August 31, at the initiative of Russia and Turkey, the Syrian army unilaterally declared a ceasefire in the entire de-escalation zone in Idlib, notifying all parties to the conflict.

The Russian and Syrian Air Force also stopped flights over Idlib, said the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria.

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