Ukraine and Poland continue collaboration on upgrading Polish MiG-29s

Ukraine and Poland are continuing their collaboration in the program to upgrade the aircraft weaponry of Poland’s MiG-29 aicraft, Interfax-Ukraine reported with reference to Ukraine’s state-run Spetstechnoexport.

During the international defense exhibition MSPO-2017, which took place at the start of September in Kielce (Poland), the Ukrainian company signed an agreement with Polish WB Electronics to develop further the bilateral consortium formed in 2016, as well as a new contract to produce intermediate-range R27-R1 guided air-to-air missiles for the Polish Air Force.

From the Ukrainian side the agreement was signed by state-owned company Artem (Kyiv).

The signing of the documents gives the consortium participants more opportunities to hold new tenders to supply the Polish Defense Ministry with aircraft weapons.

“The company WB Electronics remains one of our exclusive partners for the further production and  delivery of class R-27 aircraft missiles to meet the needs of the Polish Air Force,” said Spetstechnoexport director Pavel Barbul.

As reported, in 2016 the consortium created with Spetstechnoexport and WB Electronics won the Polish Defense Ministry’s tender to supply the Polish Air Force with aircraft missiles.

The tender was open to contractors in EU states, the European Economic Area, as well as countries which have an agreement with Poland or the EU regarding purchases in the area of security and defense.
The winner of the tender needs to manufacture and deliver 40 R-27-R1 missiles with radar guidance to the client.

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