Ukraine and Poland to jointly develop anti-air missile system

The Polish company WB Electronics and the Ukrainian state-owned defense industrial group, Ukroboronprom, are planning to jointly develop a new intermediate-range anti-air defense system, said WB Electronics representative Roman Mushal, as quoted by Defence-Blog

The prospective system is a mobile, intermediate-range surface-to-air system based on the Ukrainian-made R-27 air-to-air missiles. According to Mushal, the engine, fuel and homing heads have already been created. Production is scheduled to begin in Poland in three years. 

The new missile system will be used to protect critical infrastructure buildings and facilities against air attacks. It will have a vertical launch system, a range of up to 30 km for missiles with infrared homing (WICHER-ET), 25 km for the version with active radar homing (WICHER-EA) and nearly 110 km for the passive radar version (WICHER PEP). 

According to Defence Blog, a delegation from the Ukrainian arms manufacturer and exporter, Ukroboronprom and members of the Ukrainian government visited Poland in the middle of December to discuss future joint projects and to familiarize themselves with the Polish company’s products.


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