Ukraine begins large-scale assembly of reserve paratroopers

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have begun to assemble highly mobile paratrooper forces, Ukrinform reported with reference to the AFU General Staff press service.

“In the Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv provinces, large-scale military gatherings have begun with reservists from the rapid first phase reserve of two military command brigades of highly mobile AFU paratrooper forces,” the report states.

The military commissariats have summoned rapid reservists in such numbers as to bring the staff of these brigades to their full complements. Some of these soldiers are being called to drills for the second time already.

“The plan is for the assemblies to last for 30 days in two stages. The first stage is individual training at certain training centers, retraining courses and advanced training. The second and final stage is the brigades’ team training,” the General Staff reported.

In addition, in order to work on the reserve’s Corps formation, monthly training assemblies have begun for the obligated reservists in the rapid reserve of the management and one of the combat units of the reserve Corps. A full deployment of the mentioned units to the wartime staff is expected.

The military commissariats have already selected the necessary number of obligated reservists to bring certain units to their full complement of staff. Almost all obligated reservists are participating in the training assemblies of their own free will.

In September this year, rapid reservist assemblies will be held for ground forces combat brigades, air force combat units, and territorial defense subdivisions, the report states.

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