Ukraine completes field testing of domestically produced counter-battery system

The 1L220UK counter-battery radar, developed by the Scientific Production Complex “Iskra” (part of the Ukrainian state-owned defense concern Ukroboronprom), has successfully passed government field testing, Ukroboronprom announced on its website.

“The tests performed at one of the training grounds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made it possible to confirm the tactical and technical characteristics of the 1L220UK, which significantly outstrip those of the counter-battery radars currently in the armament,” the announcement states.

The 1L220UK is designed to identify the positions of enemy artillery. Using a powerful radar that operates on the microwave frequency range, the system can detect projectiles and calculate their trajectory using a powerful digital system.

“This will enable us to identify at a distance of dozens of kilometers the exact location of enemy guns, mortars and multiple launch rocket systems, as well as aerial defense missile systems and tactical missiles. The power of the 1L220UK’s digital phased active grid makes it possible to deploy the counter-battery radar several dozens of kilometers from the enemy position and to observe the combat field in a sector of up to 180 degrees,” the announcement explains.

After the successful tests, the Zaporizhia-based Scientific Production Complex Iskra can begin serial production of the counter-battery system for the army.

  Ukraine, Ukroboronprom