Ukraine conducts exercises on the coast of the Azov Sea

The Ukrainian United forces operation units conducted tactical exercises on the coast of the Azov Sea, reported the Ukrainina State Border Service.

During the exercises, the crews of armoured vehicles of the State Border Guard Service and tank units of the Armed Forces improved their cooperation in accomplishing tasks related to coast defence and destruction of surface targets and enemy’s marine forces.

"During the shooting training, both day and night, sniper teams strengthened their skills in various conditions.

Machine-gunners improved their firing accuracy in motion and from fortifications, and the drivers of armoured" tanks "improved the mastery of control while moving in the column, deploying to the battle formation and the implementation of defensive manoeuvres on the coast, "- said in a statement.

During the firing practice, both day and night, sniper groups developed their skills of action in different conditions, machine gunners increased the accuracy of firing in motion and from fortifications, and the drivers of Hummer armoured vehicles improved driving skills when moving in the column formation, deployment during combat, and carrying out defensive manoeuvres on the coast," the statement reads.

Particular attention was paid to tactical medicine exercise, namely the provision of the medical assistance on the battlefield and the evacuation of the wounded from the enemy's firing line.
The statement notes that exercises to defend against possible aggression from the sea will continue in the future.

The strategic command-staff exercises the "Cossack will-2018" have also begun in Ukraine. They attracted the structural units of the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff of the Armed Forces, military command and control agencies of other military formations and law enforcement bodies. Earlier in the Zaporizhia region, holidaymakers on the beaches of Kyrylivka had the opportunity to observe the exercises of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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