Ukraine conducts military exercises with Smerch missile systems near Crimean border

The Ukrainian military conducted drills of the missile units with participation of a battery of Smerch multiple rocket launcher systems (MLRS) in the Kherson region, reported the Joint Forces Command of the Ukrainian Army on Facebook.

It is noted that military units, which are stationed in the southern part of Ukraine, took part in the drills.

"In particular, the missile-gunners practiced elements of preparation for missile strikes on certain targets of the conventional enemy," the statement reads.

According to the commander of the Joint Forces, Lieutenant General Serhiy Naev, the military advanced to the initial positions, deployed, and prepared for missile launches while ensuring protection of the positions.

"In combat-like conditions,the battery quickly and smoothly advanced and deployed at the initial positions. After that, it turned around and worked out the precise strikes on certain targets," the commander said.

Naev added that such drills of missile units are now held weekly, both during day and night.

  Smerch MLRS, Ukraine, Crimea