Ukraine conducts naval drills in the Sea of Azov

Units of the Ukrainian Navy practiced joint actions to repel and destroy a hypothetical enemy in the Sea of Azov, reported the press service of the Ukrainian Joint Forces Operations.

"The exercises were attended by a small armored artillery boat of the Ukrainian Navy Lubny and a naval boat tactical group of the Mariupol Marine Protection Unit consisting of the ship Donbas and two boats," the statement reads.

It is reported that, as part of the exercise, Ukrainian military and border guards managed to prevent infiltration of the enemy paratrooper units and destroyed them.

In February, Ukraine conducted the largest exercises since the beginning of the year with live fire on the coast of the Sea of Azov in the Donetsk region. As part of the "Fair Wind" exercises, units of the Armed Forces, National Guard and State Border Service worked out the steps to repel the enemy attack on the Azov coast.

The exercises involved about 400 personnel, five ships and boats of the Navy and the Marine Guard of the Ukrainian Security Service, 25 pieces of artillery, including multiple rocket launchers, 13 armored vehicles (tanks, BMP and armored vehicles), two Mi-8 and Mi-14 helicopters of naval aviation, two Su-25 attack aircraft and two MiG-29 fighter jets.

  Sea of Azov, Ukraine, Joint Forces Operation