Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova preparing to form a military alliance

In the near future, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia may create a military and political alliance called GUM. Rumors about this are actively circulating in Kyiv, wrote on his Facebook page director of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management Ruslan Bortnik.

"The GUM countries will not be able to join NATO and the EU in the near future but are integrating into European markets and enjoy NATO's military and technical support," Bortnik said.

He noted that the allience will have a clear anti-Russian orientation. "This is logical, given that all three countries have been victims of Russian aggression and large parts of their territories are now under Moscow's occupation, " said Bortnik.

According to Bortnik, the new military allience can count on financial and military-technical support from the United States and Washington is likely actively supporting the idea.

According to Bortnik, the possibility of the defense agreement between GUM and NATO is being considered. This will be similar to agreements signed by the U.S with Japan and South Korea.

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