Ukraine has increased its dairy exports by 5 times over the current year

By July 2017, Ukraine had exported $23.6 million worth of dairy products. The output is five times larger than July of last year, according to’s reports quoting the analytical department of the Food Export Council (Ukrainian Food Export Board or UFEB).

According to the report, July’s traditional export groups include butter (41% of export earnings), condensed milk and cream (36%). Cheese exports brought 11% of the revenue, whey comprised 8%, milk and cream made up 3%, and fermented dairy products were at 1%.

The leader in the export of dried milk and cream in July was the company Vertical with 13.5% of exports in natural condition. It is followed by the Vinnytsia Dairy Plant “Roshen” (10.9%), Bilotserkivska Agro-Industrial Group (7.5%), Ruzhin-Moloko (5.3%) and Veselynivsky Skimmed Milk Factory (4.1%). Those five largest exporters provided 41.3% of the dry milk and cream supply abroad in July.

The top five oil exporters included Roshen (11%), Starokostiantynivsky Dairy Plant (8.1%), Radyvylivmoloko (6%), Alma-Vita (5.5%), and the Ternopil Dairy Plant (5%, 3%). These companies provided 35.9% of total oil exports.

Five major cheese exporters shipped almost 80% of the total volume of supplies from Ukraine in July. Belst Shostka Ukraine had 31.6% of the market while Como-Export had 21.4%, Milkiland Intermarket had 9.5%, Laktalis-Ukraine had 9.2%, and Cheese Club had 8.2%.

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