Ukraine hopes to renegotiate Association Agreement with EU

Now is a very good time for Ukraine to renegotiate the terms of the Association Agreement with the EU and deepen cooperation with European countries, Vadym Prystaiko, Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, told DW.

"Now is a very good time, because it is just almost a ten-year period, when we can revise the terms and renegotiate the conditions. Our manufacturers have been waiting for it. Because most of the quotas that are set, they no longer suit us, we have passed the stage of the first contracts with the European Union as part of the agreement on tariff-free trade. I hope that we will renegotiate (the terms of the Agreement)," Prystaiko said.

According to him, there are other areas that Ukrainian officials are working on. In particular, these are the digital market, cooperation in customs, justice, security and defense.

Earlier, it was reported that the European Parliament is going to call for the creation of a "common economic space" between the EU and six former Soviet republics as part of its Eastern Partnership program. The program will be part of a process of "gradual integration" of countries into the EU.

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