Ukraine imposes sanctions against Lukashenko’s associates

The Ukrainian government approved sanctions against 52 citizens of Belarus. The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers submitted its proposals to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, which should make a final decision. The sanctions are expected to be imposed against those involved in the falsification of elections in Belarus, as well as the suppression of peaceful protests, detentions and torture.

The list, in particular, includes the eldest son of Alexander Lukashenko, Viktor, the head of the administration of the Belarusian ruler Igor Sergeenko and the press secretary Natalia Eismont. It also includes Lukashenka's aides Yury Karayev and Valery Vakulchik, Interior Minister Ivan Kubrakov and several of his deputies, regional police chiefs and heads of special forces, KGB chairman Ivan Tertel and his deputies, officials from the Investigative Committee and the Central Election Commission.

Those who fell under the sanctions will be banned from entering Ukraine, and their assets in the country will be frozen, the measures will be in effect for three years. The Cabinet of Ministers attributes its decision to the fact that the EU Council in the autumn of 2020 has already imposed sanctions against individuals involved in human rights violations in Belarus.

Ukraine has not recognized the results of the elections in Belarus in 2020 and does not consider Lukashenko the president of Belarus.

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