Ukraine to seek legal assistance in the return of €15 million seized after Eurovision-2017

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the acquisition of legal services by the Ministry of Justice for the return of the blocked financial guarantees for the international Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in the amount of 15 million euros to the state budget, as stated in the government's order No. 530-r from August 9.

"The government is taking measures for the return of the funds of financial guarantees for the holding the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, back to the state budget of Ukraine," the explanatory note to the order says.
This decision will allow the Ministry of Justice to implement in 2017 the purchase of relevant legal services for the negotiation procedure.

It is noted that this will help to ensure proper protection of the rights and interests of the state in foreign jurisdictional bodies in cases involving foreign subjects and Ukraine.

The adoption of the decree will facilitate the timely implementation by the Ministry of Justice of purchases through public funds of legal advisors, specialists, and experts, including foreign ones, who have the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out measures to protect the rights and interests of Ukraine during the consideration of this case in the court of first instance of the canton of Geneva (Switzerland).

As reported, financial guarantees for the proper holding of the international song contest Eurovision-2017 in the amount of 15 million euros were blocked at the request of the international television channel Euronews.

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