Ukraine considers buying light weapons from Canada

Ukraine is negotiating with Canadian arms producers the possibility of purchasing light weapons, said in an interview with the UNN news agency the political counselor to the Canadian embassy in Ukraine and head of the foreign policy and diplomacy department, Rouslan Kats.

“About a year ago Canada included Ukraine in the list of countries that Canadian companies can sell weapons to (Automatic Firearms Country Control List). This was not allowed before,” said Kats.

According to him, this allows Ukraine to purchase light weapons, for example rifles. Kats also noted that next year the Canadian and UK embassies will act as NATO embassies in Ukraine, and Ukraine needs to take advantage of this to maintain its Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

Earlier, British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough said that the peace and resolution of the military conflict in the Donbas depend on the leadership of the Russian Federation, and not the activities of any missions in the region. According to her, the UK supports the idea of introducing peacekeeping missions to the east of Ukraine. However, according to the ambassador, in the short term, this may be unrealistic, because the positions of Ukraine and Russia are currently far apart.

  Ukraine, Canada, Rouslan Kats, Britain