Ukraine tests S-125 Pechora surface-to-air missile system against sea targets

The surface-to-air missiles that were launched successfully destroyed a target ship in the Black Sea, the Ukrainian Navy said in a press release.

According to the report, the tests were done at the Yahorlyk Test Range in the Kherson region. The two launched S-125 surface-to-air missiles destroyed a decommissioned Ukrainian naval vessel, which served as the target. The tests were declared successful.

“During the combat launches, the missiles launched from the S-125 system destroyed a surface target, which was the former floating component of a project 814M vessel of the Ukrainian Navy. Two missiles were enough to completely sink the vessel with a displacement of 2,960 tons,” the report states.

According to the available information, Ukraine’s naval command plans to conduct a few more tests on the S-125 system, after which it will decide whether or not to adopt the system into the naval armament. Ukrainian Naval Commander Ihor Voronchenko announced previously that the S-125 system would be used to protect Ukraine’s territorial waters.

Previously, it was reported that Ukraine had upgraded the S-125 Pechora surface-to-air missile system, giving it redesigned missiles. It was claimed that the missiles had been equipped with active or semi-active guidance heads. The new missiles can be used to destroy targets up to 40 km away, at a maximum altitude of 25 km. The new missile can be used against both ground and water targets.

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