Ukraine to buy 24 additional Bayraktar drones from Turkey

Ukraine will buy from Turkey four additional Bayraktar TB2 drone systems. Each systems includes six drones. There will be 24 drones in total, announced the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valery Zaluzhny, in an interview with the news outlet Report.

"One system was purchased this year at the request of the Defense Ministry. In addition, four more such systems are planned to be purchaseed  to meet the needs of the Armed Forces in 2021-2022 . In the future, we plan to replenish the arsenal with unmanned aerial vehicles  produced locally," Zaluzhny said.

He noted that Ukraine will carefully study how to properly use these drones.

"First, we need to learn how to operate them effectively, and secondly, we must know the tactics of their use. We must take a comprehensive approach. The acquisition of Bayraktar does not end here. Now we are studying the methods of using these devices," Zaluzhny said.

In November 2018, Ukraine bought Bayraktar drones from Turkey. The $ 69 million contract included six combat drones, two control stations and 200 guided missiles.

And in March 2021, Turkey began production of the new batch of drones for Ukraine.

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