Ukraine to deploy 8,500 security forces and helicopters to the border with Belarus

Kyiv plans to deploy to the Ukrainian-Belarusian border 8,500 military and police and 15 helicopters. It has been decided to strengthen the border protection in the areas of potential entry of illegal migrants, said the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Denys Monastyrsky.

According to him, it is necessary to build a reliable modern "smart border" with Russia and Belarus as a comprehensive solution to the problem. 17 billion hryvnia ($650 million) will be needed to finance this project. Funds will be allocated from the budget.

The head of the State Border Service Sergei Deineko said that there is no immediate threat to Ukraine at the border with Belarus. He noted that the situation is stable and under control, but "it is necessary to be ready for all scenarios."

The situation with migrants escalated on November 8, when several thousand migrants from the Middle East who want to move to the EU reached the border with Poland from the Belarusian side.They tried to break down the barbed wire fence and enter the EU.

A government emergency meeting was held in Warsaw with the participation of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense because of the events on the Polish-Belarusian border. On November 9, the Seimas (Parliament) of Lithuania adopted a resolution that introduces a state of emergency on the border with Belarus starting November 10.

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