Ukraine to hold military drills in parallel with Russia-Belarus joint exercises

In parallel with the joint Russia-Belarus exercises on February 10-20, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will conduct training, during which they will practice the use of Bayraktar attack drones, NLAW and Javelin anti-tank systems, said Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov on the air of the political talk show “Freedom of Speech”.

"The Ukrainian Armed Forces are also at work. And today we also hold parallel, mirror exercises," he said.

According to Reznikov, Ukrainian military will use Bayraktar attack drones, as well as NLAW and Javelin anti-tank systems at some training sites.

The Minister said that the military exercises of the Ukrainian Army will be held at training grounds near Odesa, Sumy, Chernihiv, Chuhuiv, Oleshky Sands, Shyroky Lan, Ovruch, Kovel and Rivne.

Reznikov recalled that “Russia has amassed 140,000 troops along the Ukrainian border and in the temporarily occupied territories. Some of the troops are in the territory of Belarus.”

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