Ukraine to launch group of reconnaissance satellites into space

In the next five years, Ukraine plans to create and launch the Falcon reconnaissance satellite group, which will include several high, medium and low-resolution vehicles, said Vladimir Usov, head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, in an interview with

"It will be a satellite constellation for remote monitoring of the Earth. It can be used for both military and civilian purposes such as fighting illegal deforestation, land registry, illegal amber mining. With the help of our satellites, we will have many eyes in outer space, and we will be able to see from there what is happening both in the Ukrainian and in other territories. And we will understand what we need to solve certain political and economic problems," he said.

According to Usov, a special service platform should be created, which can be used by different state structures, ministries and businesses. The head of the Ukrainian State Space Agency is sure that this will save tens of millions of dollars for the Ukrainian budget.

"It is important for us that these satellites can provide for the end consumer services as part of electronic platform, so that a person comes in and gets the information he needs. Thus, an agriculture worker will receive one set of services, bankers - another, and the military - the third," he said.

At the same time, Usov noted that in the next five years Ukraine will not be able to develop and deliver a modern and effective system of anti-satellite defense.

"There is potential. But there are no developments and technologies in this industry yet. I, too, by the way, raised this question among our enterprises: at what level is our anti-satellite defense development ? During these five years, we will not be able to produce the necessary guidance system. This project should be put into the next space program," he explained.

  Ukraine, Usov, Ukrainian State Space Agency