Ukraine wants to buy fifty more Bayraktar TB2 drones from Turkey

Ukraine and Turkey agree on the setting up of a large-scale assembly line for Turkish Bayraktar drones in Ukraine, said Vadym Nozdr, CEO of Ukrainian state-owned arms trading company Ukrspetsexport, in an interview with

According to Ukrspetsexport CEO, now the sides are choosing a place for the production of drones. He specified that the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is going to purchase 6 to 12 such comat systems in the near future. Each system includes 4 drones and 1 base station.

Ukraine plans to receive from Turkey 48 drones, which the Defense Ministry will send over to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Also, Ukraine will be able to export Bayraktar TB2 drones. Nozdr noted that this question is currently under consideration and Turkey is not against further exports.

In the future, the Ukrainian model of the drone may differ from the Turkish one and there is already an agreement that Ukraine will not supply Bayraktar TB2 to those countries which buy these drones from Turkey, for example, Azerbaijan.

"There has already been a contract for Turkish export 36 Bayraktar TB2, if I am not mistaken. That is much more than Ukraine has already purchased, and we have purchased 6 systems and three ground control stations," Nozdr said.

He added that the experimental operation is under way, and Turkey's subsequent sale of Bayraktar TB2 is directly dependent on its results.

In March, Ukraine tested the combat drones Bayraktar TB2.

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