Ukraine will help Canada to restore the bee population

Carpathian bees from Ukraine will help to save their Canadian counterparts that are on the verge of extinction, said Canadian ambassador to Ukraine Roman Waschuk, Voice of America reports.

According to the ambassador, the knowledge and skills of Ukrainian beekeepers from the Ukrainian Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine and the bees themselves will help Canadian beekeepers meet the challenges facing the Canadian population of these useful insects.

Canadian and Ukrainian beekeepers will work together on the Niagara BeeWay project, which aims to restore and preserve the environment in Canada. Numerous researchers have reported a reduction in the bee population in North America.
"Abuzz with excitement, George Scott of NiagaraBeeWay and Tetyana Vasylkivska of announce a [joint venture] to bring Ukraine’s Carpathian bees and apiary know-how to reinforce endangered Canadian populations," Waschuk wrote on Twitter.

Numerous researchers report a reduction in the bee population in the North America.

It was reported that Ukraine filled its annual quota for the supply of honey and juice to the EU within only ten days.

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