Ukraine will not take part in Eurovision 2019

“The National Public TV and Radio Company of Ukraine refuses to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Due to the current situation and excessive politicization of the national selection, the public broadcaster decided to pull out of the song contest,” stated National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (UA:PBC).

The National Public TV and Radio Company of Ukraine could choose any other artist from the list of the national selection participants. However, it was decided to withdraw from the contest out of respect for the choice of the audience. The UA:PBC alternately turned to the finalists who took second and third place in the national selection, but both groups, Freedom Jazz and Kazka, refused to represent Ukraine in Eurovision 2019.

The company announced that the national selection of 2019 drew public attention to the systematic problem with the music industry in Ukraine, in particular, the close ties of artists with the show business in Russia. While this fact is acceptable by a part of the society, it causes many people’s outrage and rejection. 

UA:PBC proposes to start a public discussion on this issue and introduce a bill to resolve the situation for the future.

The full text of the statement is published on the website of UA:PBC.

The winner of the national selection for Eurovision 2019 was Maruv (Anna Korsun). The fact that the singer performs in Russia has caused many people’s outrage.

Maruv expressed readiness to quit performing in Russia to take part in Eurovision but she did not agree on several other terms of the contract offered to her. In particular, the proposed contract forbade the singer to improvise on the stage and communicate with journalists without permission. In addition, UA:PBC demanded to transfer the right to the song. Any violation of the contract terms would cost the singer a fine of 2 million hryvnia ($74,414 ). As a result, UA:PBC and Maruv did not sign the contract. 

Freedom Jazz and KAZKA also refused to represent Ukraine in Eurovision Song Contest 2019.


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