Ukrainian Aidar battalion reaches outskirts of Horlivka

In Zolote-4 zone, where the withdrawal of troops is expected to take place, the positions of the Aidar battalion came under small arms fire and the soldiers of the battalion responded by moving their positions forward towards the city of Horlivka which is under pro-Russian militant’s control, reports TSN.

A month ago, the battalion was ordered to take positions near Horlivka, where it was able to settle down. Then, Ukrainians moved positions forward by one and a half kilometers. According to the soldiers, at first, they built a dugout and dragged the logs together. Then it began to turn into a house with a stove, light and even with electric sockets.

"Titanic efforts turned an empty place into a ground fortress. We feel more confident and safer," said Aidar soldier with the nom de guerre “Angry”.

The military stressed that strengthening the dugout in the area was necessary, as the threat of attack by sabotage groups was high. Militants shoot at residential buildings and set fire to dry grass to prevent soldiers from liberating Horlivka.

  Horlivka, Donbas, Aidar