Ukrainian Armed Forced advance 3 kilometers into Donbas

Militants of the so-called Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics reported that the Ukrainian troops advanced 3 km into the territory of the Donbas near Stanitsya Siphonna and Donetsky settlment.

Military correspondent of the militants Marina Kharkova reports that the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces advanced 3 km. The fighters of the Ukrainian army took up new positions and entrenched on new frontiers.

According to Kharkova, the order for the Russian militants to push the Ukrainian military out from new positions came three days too late.

In addition, it is reported that while militants were contemplating whether to strike back at the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian troops were able to dig in and suffered no casualties when the militants attempted to retake this territory.

Remarkably, the military operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to the militants, took place seven days ago, but it became known only now.

"Ukry (Ukrainians) have captured 3 km. The positions were already captured near Stanitsya Siphonna. Ukry have already entrenched. The order to knock them out came about three days too late. I knew about it about a week ago. Speakig frankly, I am tired of everything,” Kharkova said.

Over the past 24 hours the Donbas militants fired 16 times at the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Six Ukrainian defenders were wounded. The militants also had killed and wounded.

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