Ukrainian Armed Forces form a new tank battalion in the Chernihiv region

A new and separate tank battalion is being formed in the Chernihiv region, reported the press service of the Ukrainian Operational Command North on its Facebook page.

“The 12th separate tank battalion under North command will be formed in the village of Honcharivske in the Chernigov region. The new military unit will not be part of the 1st separate Seversk tank brigade and will be a completely independent unit,” the report said.

Currently, the military unit receives equipment, weapons and inventory. Personnel will be made up exclusively of contracted servicemen.

The command noted that, this year, three improved dormitories will become operational in Honcharivske.

In April, the Cabinet of Ministers terminated Ukraine’s agreement to standardize weapons and military equipment with Russia and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States due to the transition to EU and NATO standards.

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