Ukrainian Armed Forces to create special ‘night’ divisions

Ukraine’s Chief of General Staff Ruslan Khomchak has decided that special divisions will henceforth devote 70% of their training time to operating at night, announced Ihor Podolyan, First Deputy Head of the Chief Training Directorate.

“There have been problems in this area. And with a decision today, the Chief of General Staff has determined a clear list of divisions from each brigade that have the appropriate equipment for training at night,” said Podolyan.

“70% of the total time will be spent on completing the relevant combat training assignments during combat training at night,” the officer noted.

Podolyan believes that Ukrainian soldiers should also practice fighting in the city.

“We know that the separate regions of the country are continuous cities, villages flowing from one to another. This should push us towards training the troops to fight in cities. However, there isn’t a training ground that imitates this kind of terrain. For this reason, we are building a corresponding training facility, which will enable us to fight in the city. This facility in Starychi is about 40% complete. Next year there will be serious capital investments in order to finish equipping it by 2021,” said Podolyan.

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