Ukrainian armored vehicles arrived in Germany for international military exercises

A unit of Ukrainian military vehicles and their crews, seven BTR-80 armored personnel carriers and five T-84 main battle tanks arrived in the Federal Republic of Germany where they will take part in the Combined Resolve X international military exercises, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported.

"Today, April 24, Ukrainian military equipment arrived at the military training area near the city of Hohenfels (Germany) to participate in Combined Resolve X international exercises," the report of the Ministry says.
According to the Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian airborne assault unit will use 7 BTR-80s armored vehicles, and the tank unit will use 5 T-84 tanks.

Army Commander Colonel-General Serhiy Popko visited the Rivnensky training area on April 23 to observe the tank unit training for the Strong Europe Tank Challenge international tank competition.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Navy conducted military exercises near the administrative border with annexed Crimea. For several days, units of the Marine Corps Command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine together with artillery units conducted coastal defense exercises against possible sea assault.

On March 29, one of the stages of the brigade tactical exercises with the combat firing by the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was held at the Shyrokiy Lan training area in Mykolayiv region. The exercises included the forced crossing of a water obstacle under the cover of Land Force aviation.

On February 28, despite the cold and snow, Ukrainian Armed Forces artillery units held week-long tactical exercises at the training area. The artillery brigades passed professional experience to colleges from the newly created 38th Artillery Brigade at one of the training centers in Chernihiv region.

On January 30, the land forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine held reservist training in Kharkiv.

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