Ukrainian army to be trained in city warfare and coal mine capturing

The Defense Ministry of Ukraine has announced the start of a program to train Ukrainian soldiers to fight under city conditions, said Lieut. Col. Vladislav Ponomarev, deputy head of combat training at the chief training directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), as cited by ArmyInform.

According to Ponomarev, this training will commence next year at the base of a new training complex, the construction of which has begun in the Lviv region. An entire “miniature city” will be built at the training ground, with all the necessary infrastructure: a shopping center, hotel, a car service station, bank, mine etc., so that troops can practice combat under city conditions.

The General Staff of the AFU intends to train 8-12 tactical battalion groups from AFU brigades at the testing ground, in addition to two that have already been trained this year. Each brigade will be given two weeks to practice city warfare.

“The training of each division will require two weeks, and every brigade which arrives to regain combat effectiveness will learn to fight in cities,” said Ponomarev.

The financing of the “Action in Urbanized Terrain” training center has already been approved by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and government.

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