Ukrainian authorities decided to deport to Russia military volunteer who fought on the side of Ukraine in the Donbas

The State Migration Service of Ukraine decided to deport the Russian woman, Yulia Tolopa (military call sign "Valkyrie").Topola, former military volunteer from the Aidar battalion, was again denied Ukrainian citizenship, as she wrote on her Facebook page.

"Tomorrow I have to return to Russia. This has been required by the Ukrainian Migration Service. They have denied me, for the third time, because I do not have a certificate saying that I was never convicted in Russia, which should have been provided by the Russian Federation," she wrote.

According to Tolopa, the FSB of the Russian Federation is looking for her because she went to the Donbas "as a volunteer to fight against the Russian occupation."

In the summer of 2014, she joined the Aidar battalion, and recently finished her service in the 58th Brigade. She served in an assault unit. Later, she was a commander of an infantry fighting vehicle. She took part in the operation of the Ukrainian Armed forces in the Luhansk region. After, she served in an aerial reconnaissance unit. She was wounded during the war.

"Multiple inquiries by MPs, appeals to the President from the Minister - and no result. I have not been granted citizenship. I am being sent to the Russian Federation, to the Russian consulate to ask for a certificate of non-conviction," Tolopa said.

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