Ukrainian city of Mariupol to purchase Iron Dome air defense system from Israel

Deputy Mayor of Mariupol Sergey Zakharov said that the city authorities plan to purchase the Iron Dome missile defense system from Israel.

According to him, the opening of the airport in Mariupol requires that the distance from the zone of demarcation of the warring parties was more than 160 kilometers, but it is only about 40. Since the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and the international community do not consider the flights to the city located near the conflict zone safe, the mayor's office of Mariupol decided to acquire an effective Israeli missile defense system.

"For example, the experience of Israel is very well-known," Zakharov explains the initiative of the city authorities. "Flights are allowed there, despite the fact that the airport is eight kilometers from the buffer zone. The Iron Dome tactical air defense system is used for safety. We can adopt this practice. We already have progress in this area, and we are aware of the steps that need to be taken."

According to him, the acquisition of the Iron Dome will cost about 50 million euros. A delegation of Israeli experts will arrive in Mariupol at the end of June to have a more substantive discussion.

"The city has already contacted the Israeli security company. Specialists are due to arrive at the end of June, and we will discuss the possibility of installing the system in Mariupol," said Sergei Zakharov.

  Mariupol, Donbas, Ukraine, Israel