Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Germany declined to provide military assistance to Kyiv

The German news agency RND has cited Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko as saying that Germany refused to provide Ukraine with military assistance “needed for opposing Russian aggression”.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister said that Kyiv is gratef l to Berlin for financial aid and for support on the international level, but must nevertheless note that the German government declined Ukraine’s request for military aid.

“I am still expecting official Berlin to revise its stance on this matter and decide to help Ukraine to strengthen its defensive capabilities,” he said.

Prystaiko remarked that such a decision would help Ukraine, because the country is in danger.

“We are mourning the lives of 13,000 Ukrainians. Germany and the EU have done a lot for us. But at the moment, it’s a question of the survival of Ukrainians as a nation,” RND cites the Ukrainian minister as saying.

“I know the feeling of guilt Germany experiences due to the Nazi occupation of the USSR. The Third Reich killed millions of people, including many Russians. But do you know that the people who suffered more than anyone in World War II were the Ukrainians? We lost as many as ten million people. Sanctions are needed to keep Russia at the negotiation table,” said Prystaiko.

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