Ukrainian General: Defeat of Russian Wagner private military company in Syria demonstrates superiority of US army over Russian army

The rout of the Russian Wagner private military company in Syria demonstrates the significant superiority of the U.S. Army over the Russian Army, as well as a fundamentally different approach to conducting military operations and number of losses suffered, stated the ex-Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Igor Romanenko, during an interview with Obozrevatel news outlet.

As the general explained, “Since Soviet times, Russia has spared neither forces, nor resources, nor shells, nor people. But the Americans do it differently. They prefer to use the most accurate, modern, and effective methods.”

The United States has high-precision modern artillery that is significantly better than the Russian artillery, he said. Thus, “ten shells shot from Soviet equipment equal one shell with high-precision guidance. The effect will be, in the best case, identical, and it is possible that the ten shells would have less effect than the one.”

Romanenko emphasized that during the operation on February 7, the coalition forces led by the United States were accurate and efficient.

As for Russia’s losses, he said that “it is certainly not five people, which Russia said.” In connection with this, the general recalled the figure reported by the U.S. Defense Department. According to the U.S. agency, the group lost 70% of its manpower and as much as 90% of its equipment. Thus, on February 7, more than 300 people were most likely killed in Syria “just from Russia,” he summed up.

  Wagner private military company


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