Ukrainian Intelligence: additional group of Russian mercenaries arrived in Donbas

Ukrinform, citing Ukrainian Ministry of Defense spokesperson Maksym Prauta, reports that a new group of mercenaries from the Russian Federation have arrived in the separatist-controlled territories of Donbas.

According to Maksym Prauta, Ukrainian intelligence has found evidence of the arrival of mercenaries to reinforce one of the motorized infantry units of the 1st Army Corps. The mercenaries are Russian citizens.

"That said, the main motivational factors for them are monetary compensation promised by the Russian occupation command and exemption from criminal proceedings for crimes committed on the territory of the Russian Federation," Prauta said.

According to the Ministry spokesperson, this arrival of the reinforcements from Russia is linked to previous unsuccessful attempts by Russia to recruit the local residents to the separatist forces.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry earlier urged world leaders to increase pressure on Russia in response to the increased attacks of pro-Russian militia in the Donbas.

  Donbas, Ukraine, Russian mercenaries