Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs: We need control over all who enter from Russia

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said during his visit to Ivano-Frankivsk that biometric controls must be introduced at the border with Russia, reports Radio Liberty.

"We need, first, biometric control at the border, and second, control over all who enter from Russia, as it is in other countries - for example, in Israel," the Ukrainian Foreign Minister stressed.

According to Klimkin, if this is not sufficient, individuals will need "not just [to enter on] a visa, but on a biometric visa."

"Then it will be very clear - who, where and when. And then we will [be able to] control all who come to us," Klimkin said.

On September 2, a decree on the use of biometric passports for entry into Ukraine came into force. According to the NSDC’s decision, foreigners must give fingerprints when crossing the Ukrainian border. However, they do not presently need a biometric passport.

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