Ukrainian Naval aviation conducts exercises over the Black Sea

Naval aviation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces completed exercises over the Black Sea, reports ArmyInfo (information Agency of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry).

Naval aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine completed tactical flight exercises with different scenarios to support the Navy operations. Personnel of the brigade, Mi-14 and Ka-27 helicopters, as well as An-26 aircraft, participated in the maneuvers.

The division of the communications and electronic security battalion completed the first task. After the signal, the division deployed and prepared the airfield to receive an aircraft. Logistical Support Services, on their part, have deployed a field camp with a command post, eating and rest facilities.

The exercises lasted a week. During this time, the army trained and improved the flight skills, search skills, the ability to help the victims and evacuation. At the end of the drills, the military trained to track a hypothetical enemy submarine and attack it with a bomb and torpedo.

During the exercise, the Ka-27 helicopter found the location of the hypothetical enemy and marked the area for the attack using the precision naval aerial bomb. A group of spotters was sent to the Rybakivka to practice directing fire at hostile targets. After that crews of the anti-submarine Ka-27 helicopters and the An-26 plane destroyed the hypothetical enemy.

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