Ukrainian Parliament calls for the resignation of Commander-in-Chief Muzhenko

The General Staff Chief of the Armed Forces, Viktor Muzhenko, and his deputy should be held responsible for the fires at ammunition warehouses in Kalynivka as they are tasked with the safety of the military storage facilities, as written by the People's Deputy and the Minister of Internal Affairs adviser, Anton Gerashchenko, on Facebook.

"Victor Muzhenko’s place should be taken by a young and responsible officer of the Armed Forces, who can lead the process of real, not fake, reform of our Army and Navy," he noted.

Gerashchenko also made a "proposal to the National Security and Defense Committee to consider the issue of appealing to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, at their next meeting to request the resignation of the General Staff Chief Viktor Muzhenko and his deputy, who are responsible for the military warehouses’ safety and security."

"I also propose the conducting of routine deputy checks, by the members of the National Security and Defense Committee to observe security measures in the remaining military warehouses and draw conclusions about what else should be done to ensure their safety," the Minister of Internal Affairs adviser writes.

MP Yuriy Bereza also believes that Muzhenko needs to be dismissed.

“The General Staff Chief of Ukraine is responsible for fire safety in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The explosions in Kalynivka are Muzhenko's responsibility and should result in his resignation at least. The place of the General Staff Chief should be occupied by a young, responsible officer," as he wrote on Facebook.

The detonation of ammunition as a result of fires at military depots in the Vinnytsia region began in the evening of September 26th.

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