Ukrainian President Zelensky promises to leave if he fails to stop the war in Donbas

In an interview with the BBC's HARDTalk TV program, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky said he did not cling to ratings and power.

"If I can't end the war in the Donbas, then there should be another person who can finish this tragic story," Zelensky said.

He said he did not rule out the possibility of a peace agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Crimea. "I believe in it. Otherwise, I would not have run for the presidency of Ukraine. It is very difficult, and here we need the help of the whole world, it is true," said the Ukrainian President.

"All of us understand today that we have only the "Normandy format" and we are following the Minsk direction," added Zelensky. He reminded that the main point of the agreements of the leaders of the "Normandy Four" (Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France) in December 2019 was a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. "I believe that today this point has been fulfilled," the President said.

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