Ukrainian Prime Minister submits resignation letter

Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk has submitted a resignation letter.

"I took this post to carry out the program of the president. He represents for me a model of openness and decency. To remove any doubts of our respect and trust in the President, I wrote a resignation letter and handed it to the President so that he could present it to the parliament. He is a person to whom Ukrainians have given unprecedented trust. And he has every right to evaluate the effectiveness of each member of his team," Honcharuk said in a statement, published on Friday morning.

The Prime Minister said the authorities had done a great job in four months, providing a "serious foundation for the country's development in 2020."

"Unfortunately, in a few months it is quite difficult to destroy criminal schemes that have been built for decades. The main thing to remember is that we have no right to stop and we will not! As much as our opponents, who are used to living in the shadow, would like it. So, they use every opportunity to destroy people's faith in the authorities. In recent days, you have all witnessed events unfolding around leaked files, put together using snippets from the government's meetings. Their content artificially creates the impression that me and my team do not respect the President, who is our political leader. Many influential groups that seek access to financial flows are interested in presenting it this was. But this is not true," the prime minister said in a statement

Honcharuk added that he considers his team decent and is confident that there is no corruption at the top level.

The Office of the Ukrainian President reported that Vladimir Zelensky received resignation letter.

"The head of state will consider this request. The President's Office will report the results on a separate occasion," the statement reads.

Oleksiy Honcharuk headed the government since the end of August 2019, becoming the youngest prime minister in the history of Ukraine.

Prior to that, he was the head of the analytical organization "Office of Effective Regulation".

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