Ukrainian Security Service deports Russian journalist from Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has approved deportation of Russian journalist Margarita Bondar, who has worked in Ukraine for the Russian news outlet, reports the press service of the SBU.

"The State Migration Service decided to expel Russian journalist Margarita Bondar from our country based on the materials of Security Council of Ukraine," reads the report.

According to SBU, during 2018 Bondar followed the instructions of the management of, which is part of Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov’s media holding, and systematically distributed “tendentious information about the socio-political situation in Ukraine” on the internet.

“She published inaccurate and provocative material about the violation of the rights of national minorities by representatives of the local nationalist organizations and the alleged inaction of the Ukrainian law enforcement system,” stressed the SBU.

According to experts from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the content of these publications "contributes to the inspiration of interethnic and ethnic hatred and the destabilization of the social and political situation."

The State Migration Service has decided to deport this journalist from Ukraine by March 31 and ban her entry for three years for violating entry laws.

As previously reported by Hromadske, Bondar complained that on March 21 she was detained and interrogated by the SBU.

Bondar acknowledged that there are “dark pages” in her biography, namely, work for the website. She noted that she worked for them because she needed money. However, she stated that she does not want to return to Russia and is even going to renounce the citizenship of the Russian Federation.

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